Agent Experience

Three Types of Customers and How to Handle Them

Every company encounters these three customers at some point during business. Here’s how to interact with them effectively and gracefully.

Each of your customers comes to the table with his or her own unique thoughts and needs, but there can also be a pattern of certain types of clients. You’re guaranteed to see each of these three customers at some point along the way.

  1. The Never Satisfied: You’ll know these customers when you see them. They always want more, and what you do is never good enough. There’s constantly something wrong with the product or service you’ve provided, whether it didn’t arrive on their schedule, or didn’t come with a personalized message, or wasn’t exactly what they were imagining. The Never Satisfied always demands more, more, more and isn’t happy with what they receive. Although it’s incredibly hard to turn down a client, the best way to deal with a Never Satisfied is to try to cut ties. If you know you’ll never be able to meet their sky-high expectations, it’s not a good fit, and you don’t want to waste their time or yours. There comes a point where you need to gently let them know that although you wish things were different, this just doesn’t seem like a great match.
  2. The Hand Holder: These customers need you to explain every little thing to them, from how to turn on your product to how to implement it in their lives. It can seem like a time suck, but answering the Hand Holder’s pile of questions will pay off in the long run. The Hand Holders will appreciate everything you’ve done for them and return again and again. Consider creating some blog posts or a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) page that you can send to Hand Holders to save yourself a bit of time and still make them feel invested in.
  3. The Evangelist: Have you ever had a customer who was the epitome of a people person? Everyone in town knew them, they had a lot of friends, and they were always on social media. That’s an Evangelist, and they’re a great customer to have. Evangelists will tell everyone about their experience with your company, so if you make it a positive one, it will pay off in a huge way. Evangelists love to talk about what’s going on in their life or business, and if you provided them with a product or service, they’ll shout it to the moon at lunches or on Facebook. They’re a great customer to ask to write a testimonial. When you encounter Evangelists, go above and beyond in making sure their experience is great—because if it isn’t, they’ll still share about it, and that’s what you definitely don’t want to happen.