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Preparing Your Customer Service Team for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The biggest shopping season of the year is about to get under way. Be sure your customer service team is prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with these tips.

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Retailers around the globe are getting ready for the busy holiday season. The winter holiday shopping starts with 3 retail-focused days: the Black Friday stampede after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, and then the e-commerce discount bonanza that pays—Cyber Monday.

One of the most important aspects of preparing for the holiday is making sure your customer service team is ready to meet demand. As you put a holiday readiness plan in place, help your customer service department thrive by using these three strategies.

Invest in Training Now

One of the biggest steps you can take to make your holiday promotions a success is training your customer service team now. Whether you’re introducing new inventory or holding time-sensitive price promotions, the more informed your customer service team is, the more effectively and quickly they will be able to help your customers. Spend time training your team on upcoming products and services, let them know more about the customer experience you’re designing, and help them answer common questions about upcoming promotions and sales.

Invest in the Right Customer Service Technology

An important trend coming ahead of this year’s holiday season is investing in customer service technology. For many retailers, this means more than knowledge bases and call management software. It also involves investing in software solutions such as automated order notifications, shipment tracking, and other related tools. By turning over these common tasks to technology, retailers can lower the volume of customer service requests they receive regarding these types of inquiries. At the same time, self-service solutions that let customers track orders or check shipping status can provide enhanced customer convenience.

Think Multichannel Support

Offering great deals across all your customer channels is a major theme throughout the holiday promotional season. Customers want the same level of service and consistent branding whether they visit you in-store to make a purchase, stop by your website, or leave a query on social media. As you think about training, policies, and staffing for this holiday season, make sure all the in-demand channels in your customer service organization are appropriately supported.

From inventory management to preparing marketing campaigns, there are many tasks your team needs to complete now to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. Don’t overlook the opportunity to strengthen your customer service team and technology. Taking these important steps can ensure customer satisfaction throughout the year’s busiest days.