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Four Ted Talks That Teach Exceptional Customer Service

Need some customer service inspiration? It’s time for a YouTube binge.

Customer service is obviously important, but it can also be backbreaking work. Dealing with clients daily can leave you feeling exhausted, burned out, and overwhelmed. Sometimes you need a shock of inspiration to turn customer service from a chore to a vital part of your company. Here are a few Ted Talks to leave you feeling motivated to serve.

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

This Ted Talk describes the importance of body language and how changing our body position can make us instantly feel more confident and capable. By changing our body language, we can take bigger risks, give more abundantly, and change the mood of the room. Teaching your Customer Service agents the importance of great posture can have a real impact on your bottom line. Even if you or your Customer Service agents are mainly handling client questions over phone or e-mail, adjusting your posture can make a difference in how you sound and what you say.

What Consumers Want

This Ted Talk goes into what consumers are looking for—an authentic experience. He tells how to sell authenticity, which is virtually impossible, reminding Customer Service agents the importance of looking for real interactions and solutions in the midst of a sales culture. He uses Disneyland as an experience—how do they sell a fantasy, authentically? He also goes over the importance of trust between a company and its clients and the importance of being who you say you are.

The Customer Revolution in Customer Service

When David Bequette dives into customer service, he takes it a whole new direction. He redefines the idea of “customer service” and encourages people to value and respect those whom they’re in a service relationship with. This is a great video for Customer Service agents; it reminds them that they’re human beings and don’t deserve to be treated like dirt just for the sake of a sale.

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

Mike Robbins encourages employees to bring their whole, authentic self to work. Being authentic with your customers will make a dramatic difference in your sales numbers. Focusing less on pitching and more on having a conversation, as Robbins suggests, will do wonders for your relationships. He also makes the hard point that it isn’t whether we understand this concept—it’s whether we’re putting it into practice. How are you encouraging your Customer Service employees to bring their “whole self” to customer interactions?