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Are Your Customer Service Managers Getting the Training They Need?

Customer service managers play an important role in your customer experience. Here’s how to offer the training they need.

Customer service teams are often overloaded with requests, and the most difficult cases get escalated to management. Service managers come from a variety of backgrounds; some have been formally trained, while others work their way up the ranks. Do your customer service managers have the skills needed to tackle the major challenges that they face? If not, here are some areas where investing in training could yield major returns.

Team Management Skills

An important part of the role that your customer service managers face is overseeing team dynamics. This isn’t just about data management and scheduling. Hands-on service management involves communication, people skills, and the ability to coach a range of employees for better performance. Management is often responsible for helping diverse teams work together more efficiently. Helping your customer service managers take their team management skills to the next level can pay dividends across the organization.

Emotional Intelligence Training

By the time a customer is connected with a manager, there’s a strong chance he or she either has a very difficult issue or is agitated. The best managers have strong emotional intelligence and communication skills to read the situation, identify a road map to resolution, and then get there in an effective way. Often, angry customers need empathy as much as they need a specific financial or product-related resolution. There is a wide range of training options to help invest in emotional intelligence, from online courses to specialized coaching.

Technology Aptitude

Customer service management increasingly relies on technology. A manager may need to oversee a customer information system, a knowledge base, a ticketing system, and a reporting suite. When your managers are comfortable with technology and can easily navigate new software tools, they can keep pace with the fast-changing nature of the industry. Invest in ongoing training to help keep your managers—and, therefore, your business—on the cutting edge.


Managing a customer service team can be a stressful job, and over time, that stress can take a real toll on attitude, performance, and help. A self-aware manager knows how to assess if the stress or negativity of a particular interaction has impacted him or her. It’s helpful to be able to link that awareness with different coping mechanisms. The more self-aware a manager is, the more likely he or she is to model healthy workplace behaviors and create a healthy work culture on the team.

Customer service managers are entrusted with significant responsibilities. Set them up for success by making sure they have the support and training they need to excel.