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6 Positive Habits of Effective Customer Service Agents

Good customer service is a habit—one that can be cultivated and practiced.

Source: ESB Professional / shutterstock

Looking to improve your customer service? Good customer service practices are habits—and ones that you want your agents to have. Customer service has a notoriously high turnover rate, and making sure you’re hiring the right people is the most proactive way to prevent that problem. Here are six positive habits of effective customer service agents that you should look for in candidates—and cultivate in yourself!

Practicing Patience

Customer service agents frequently have to deal with people who are in a less-than-pleasant mood. You don’t want customer service agents who will lose patience with people quickly. Furthermore, customer service issues can sometimes take longer than expected. Embracing patience as a mindset is a habit that all customer service agents should have.

Keeping Things Organized

Think of the amount of data call center and customer service agents need to be able to handle. Organization is incredibly important when it comes to serving customers. Agents need to be able to quickly input and locate important information.

Listening Well

One important trait of a good communicator is the ability to listen well. Active listening allows customer service agents to really get to the heart of what a customer was saying and helps them solve problems in an empathetic way. Interrupting people or zoning out mid-conversation are bad habits you definitely don’t want around.

Looking on the Bright Side

Are your customer service agents glass-half-empty or glass-half-full type of people? You definitely want a team made of optimists. People who consistently look on the bright side of negative situations make for more creative problem solvers.

Persevering Through Struggles

Solving customer issues isn’t always cut-and-dry. There will be times when a customer service agent simply can’t help a customer in the way the customer wants. The result? An angry customer and a frustrated customer service agent. But there’s likely an entire line of customers who still need assistance. Customer service agents need to have the grit to shake things off and move along. Perservering through struggles is something that gets easier over time, and it’s a truly important habit for customer service agents.

Telling the Truth

Obviously, a customer service agent should tell the truth at all times. The tendency to tell small white lies is a bad habit that needs to be rooted out. Nothing will make a customer angrier than learning they’ve been lied to—and it’s simply wrong to do so. Telling the truth at all times should be a top priority.