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4 Ways to Recognize Your Customer Service Agents

Recognition is an important part of delighting employees. Here’s how to make your customer service agents feel appreciated.

Source: Athitat Shinagowin / iStock / Getty

Your team is your company’s most valuable asset. When you’re working hard to offer a fantastic customer experience, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to make your team feel appreciated. Compensation and benefits are important parts of this, but so is the culture that your business creates. Here are four steps you can take to recognize the performance of individual customer service agents.

Recognize a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude day after day can be a challenge when you’re dealing with irate customers. Look for agents who are cheerful and friendly and build a rapport with customers. These warm points of contact can help you build lasting relationships with customers. Recognize these efforts with praise and spot bonuses and by using them as an example of the target customer experience you’re trying to deliver. Not only will your best performers be happy, but it will also provide concrete role models for the type of behavior you’re looking for in your agents.

Use a Winning Support Case as a Case Study

Customer service managers are always on the lookout for examples of outstanding customer support. Consider recognizing the work your team does by using specific case studies of examples of things going well. For example, did an agent keep his or her cool with a customer who was angry or manage to quickly resolve a complex case? Congratulate this individual on work well done, and offer that work as an example of a case study to emulate.

Acknowledge Internal Team Support

Don’t acknowledge only the work your customer service agents do with customers. Do they support colleagues? Perhaps they ask questions, agree to mentor new hires, or cover shifts when emergencies come up. Consider the kinds of positive contributions these individuals make to the overall internal team, and focus on encouraging those types of contributions.

Offer an ‘Over and Above’ Award

Sometimes, customers contact your company seeking help that falls outside the boundaries of normal policy. One story that recently surfaced at a client’s organization involved a woman who had ordered a number of items for her husband’s birthday. Just a week later, before his birthday, the husband tragically passed away. Normally, the items wouldn’t be accepted on return. However, the customer service agent who took the call advocated for the customer and was able to get an exception. Later, the manager recognized this as excellent judgment and the type of scenario managers want to promote.

Your team is an important part of your business. Recognition helps people feel appreciated, and it’s a free way to offer praise and support to the customer service agents making a difference on the front lines of your business every day.