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3 Mentalities That Will Kill Your Customer Service Strategy

Half the battle of customer service is embracing a positive, optimistic mind-set.

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Customer service is the bread and butter of a successful business. But when you’re being inundated with questions, critiques, and complaints, it’s understandable that customer service agents may start to lose a positive spirit. Here are three mentalities that will absolutely kill a customer service strategy. Make sure they’re avoided at all cost within your call center or customer service hub.

The Customer Is Always Right

One of the most common customer service sayings is actually incorrect. The customer is not always right, and bending over backwards for every single person who calls your company is a failing strategy. Do customers always deserve to be listened to? Sure. Do they deserve the benefit of the doubt? Of course. But if a customer calls 9 months after purchasing a product and wants to return it well outside of the 30-day window outlined in your terms and conditions, consistently making exceptions will hurt your business and drain the morale of your agents. Furthermore, some customers are just plain rude and will call with bones to pick that your agents don’t deserve. Empowering your agents to occasionally not give into customer demands is a winning strategy.

Just Get It Done

The absolute worst thing a customer can feel is the sense that he or she is being rushed. Yes, you want agents to make it through a large number of customers efficiently. But having a mentality of “just get it done” instead of actually trying to solve problems will hurt customer loyalty. Make sure customer service agents are emphasizing a true empathy-inspired service mindset instead of racing to increase their numbers.

Too Bad

Sometimes, agents are going to have to deliver bad news to customers. Maybe it’s a price increase, or a refund denial, or letting them know of a system outage. No matter what, when delivering less-than-desirable news to customers, it’s essential that customer service agents avoid a “too bad so sad” mindset. They need to always be showing empathy and trying to make the lives of customers easier. A huge part of this comes from the tone of voice a customer service agent is using and simple things like expressing an apology or affirming the customer in his or her frustration. But if a customer is upset, a customer service agent that speaks with them should be as well. Don’t ever give customers the impression that they’re being unreasonable or that agents are brushing them off.