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3 Affirmations Call Center Agents Should Keep in Mind

It’s a tough job, but call center agents should remember just how important it is.

Source: ESB Professional / shutterstock

Call center agents have a notoriously high turnover rate when it comes to job retention. It’s an exhausting career—dealing with customers, day in and day out, with little recognition or appreciation can take a toll on anyone. If you want to keep your workforce motivated, remind them that they should keep these three affirmations in mind to keep their energy and spirits up.

Customer Service Is the Front Line of Business

The front line can be a dangerous place. It’s where the trouble hits first, and those in it are leading the pack. Customer service is the front line of any business—and that means it’s difficult. Without solid customer service agents to handle customer problems, a business will crumble. It’s an important job that requires grit. Few people, including the designer of the product or the person who sold it, can really understand what it’s like to have to walk a customer through setting something up or deliver an unhappy customer a refund. Your job is hard, and you’re allowed to feel that way.

Actually, the Customer’s Not Always Right

That age-old saying that the customer is always right? Not true. Sometimes, customers don’t read contracts. Sometimes, they don’t care about instructions. Sometimes, they’re just plain rude. Do you need to treat each customer with respect? Yes. But does that mean that the customer is always right? No. Don’t get discouraged or hard on yourself if a customer is simply calling to complain or made a mistake and is blaming you. The customer is not always right. If customers are making unreasonable demands or being aggressive, it’s important to keep in mind that what they’re doing is not okay. This will help you stay calm and handle the situation in the best way possible instead of getting frazzled or frustrated.

This Company and Its Products Matter

When you’re truly struggling to maintain a positive attitude about handling customer calls, sometimes, the best thing to do is remember the “why” behind a company. Who does your company serve? Why does this matter in the grand scheme of things? Even if it’s something that seems dry, like life insurance or shoelaces, there’s a greater purpose behind every product and service. If customer service agents are able to keep that at the front of their brains, they’ll be able to handle anything customers throw their way.