In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, there’s one constant—your customers are everything. The best product in the world won’t sell if your organization isn’t designed to reach the right customers at the right time and nurture them from their decision to buy straight through their customer service needs. It’s the vital cornerstone of every business, and it’s never an easy job.

Customer Contact Advisor understands that today’s customer service professionals are facing multiple challenges from many directions. New tech capabilities have changed everything including how customers find products, where they purchase them, and how products compete. From truly understanding the customer experience to ensuring you have the software and digital presence to serve them, this publication helps you get there.

With that in mind, we strive with every article to give you detailed, fresh, and cutting edge information on serving your customers—going beyond just providing someone to handle customer concerns to ensuring that your agents, mangers, and technologies are all aligned to deliver the best contact with your customers possible.

Your Challenges Explained

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  • KPI’s and Metrics. Are you on the cutting edge of data capturing techniques, utilizing metrics intelligently, and understanding what you need to track and when?
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation. Should you use chatbots, SMS customer service, or machine learning? Why not all three?
  • Customer Experience. Is your website easy to use? Can your customers find exactly what they need without getting overwhelmed? Are you learning where their pain points are and addressing them?
  • Digital and Social Media. How do you best display your latest products? Which social media marketplaces do you take advantage of? Are your customers able to easily find help and support?
  • Hardware Technology. Are you using the best dialers? How do you store your call recordings? What equipment works best for your agents?
  • Software Technology. Are you current with the latest software trends like speech analytics and CRM’s?
  • Agent Experience. How are you keeping your agents up to date? How are your retention rates? How do you ensure that your agents can overcome performance issues?
  • And more!

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